Thermo Imaging

Our leak detection service is non-invasive meaning minimal damage to your property, i.e. no drilling, excavations, dirt and disruption. We provide a detailed written leak detection report with photographs, appropriate for an insurance claim, within 48 hours of our visit.

In most cases the cost of our service is recoverable from your building insurance as part of ‘trace and access’ cover.

Our company is Gas Safe Registered (previously CORGI)  and our technicians have several years experience in installing and maintaining all types of plumbing systems. We can therefore offer a ‘find and fix’ service, including any excavation needed, which means you will not need to book anyone else to fix any leaks found. We can also help you with other plumbing or gas work, as required.

And do not forget we are an NHBC registered building company so we can help in all aspects of building insurance work, including excavating/exposing hidden pipes, and dealing with any water damage as part of a building insurance claim.

In short, we are a one stop solution for all your water leak and water damage problems.

Our hi-tech leak detection in Sussex includes:
  • Thermal imaging to map hot and central heating pipes under floors and in walls.
  • Acoustic microphones which can hear water movement and leaks on buried pipes.
  • Endoscopic cameras which can see into hidden and small spaces.
  • Protimeter moisture meter to map damp.
  • Consumption tests which measure any ‘unknown’ water usage when all taps and other outlets are turned off.
  • Pressure testing to identify leaking pipes.
  • Gas tracing of hot, cold and central heating pipes using an inert hydrogen/nitrogen gas which can pass through most materials including timber, concrete and tiles.
  • Wet and/or air testing of drains and waste pipework.
  • UV and Coloured Dye Testing locates waste, drain, silicone sealant and grout leaks.
  • CAT & Genny locates and maps hidden pipes.
  • les.

Get in Touch

Call us on 01483 222232. One of our technicians is based Horsham so we are locally available to provide our service in Sussex.

  • We are persistent and do not give up
  • We find leaks where other companies fail
  • Specialists in water damage
  • Established since 2001
  • Gas Safe & NHBC registered

We come to Sussex

We understand the urgency of your situation.

  • We aim to be with you within 48 hours
  • We will issue a detailed written leak detection report
  • Help on all aspects of water damage, drying and leaks
  • Assistance with building insurance claims

We do the rest

If you have suffered water damage as a result of your leak we can help:

  • Specialist assessment of your water damage
  • Report with cost estimate and detailed repair schedule prepared
  • Experienced in liaising with insurance companies & loss adjusters
  • Project fully managed from drying operation to reinstatement

Call us to discuss you leak detection requirements on 01483 222232

As part of our investment and our continual development in our leak detection services we have highly professional and dedicated team members to visit you quickly in:



Click here for full Leak Detection Terms and Conditions

  1. It is not possible to predict how long it will take PCPS to find any leak(s)
  2. We will attempt to find all leak(s) within the client brief given to us, but no guarantee is possible.
  3. It is the client’s responsibility to continue to monitor the situation after we have left site and call us  back as necessary to investigate any on-going leak(s).
  4. If undetected leaks cause any damage, we accept no responsibility for such damage.
  5. We are not responsible for leaks in areas not included in the client brief.
  6. We will only undertake invasive procedures if given clear instruction by client.
  7. Repairs to old, poor quality and/or damaged pipe work should be seen as temporary, & may fail within a short time. If we do need to attend again because of a failed temporary repair, this will be chargeable.
  8. On some occasions, when leaking pipes are exposed they are in close contact and/or can be difficult to access. In these circumstances there is a risk of collateral damage during repair. We accept no responsibility for such collateral damage should it occur, and any necessary additional repairs will be chargeable.