Fire Damage

House Fire Damage

In many ways fire damage is the worst, and carries obvious health and safety risks. Fire damage falls into three main categories of burn, smoke, and water damage from extinguishing the fire. Most domestic fires are centred in the kitchen, and are as a result of problems during cooking, especially burning fats. Burn damage is normally more restricted than smoke damage which can affect the entire home.

Water damage from efforts to extinguish the fire can be widespread (see the previous section dealing with water damage in detail).

Repair work ranges from straightforward re-decorating, through to major strip out, structural replacement, and renovation, including specialist cleaning and de-odorising services.

Impact Damage

Impact DamageImpact damage can take many forms but most typically is caused by out of control vehicles. Fences, garden walls, garages, and even houses can be struck by cars, lorries, and buses with consequent damage.

Repair works are normally straightforward, but in many cases a structural engineer should be consulted to ensure all damage has been identified.

Impact damage can also be caused during burglary and break-in and typically affects doors, windows, and frames.