Our range of drying services includes: –

  • Telephone advice on the most appropriate drying process for you. This will include assessment of your house construction and how this may affect the drying operation.

  • Industrial dehumidifier hire at £120.00 plus VAT per week. This cost includes delivery, installation, and moisture mapping of the affected area.

  • Starting drying operations within 24 hours of your call – same day if possible.

  • Air mover (fan) hire at £20.00 plus VAT per week.

  • Wall and floor membranes as required to concentrate the drying process

  • Inspection and drying checks if required at £45.00 plus VAT

  • Drying Certificates at £50.00 plus VAT

Our Drying Operations follow best practice and are IICRC accredited. They start with moisture mapping the affected area and assessing the precise property construction to determine the appropriate drying process. These include: –

  • Dehumidifiers, both refrigerant and desiccant

  • Warm air injection

  • Wall, door and floor membranes (tenting) to concentrate the drying process

  • Air scrubbers to remove mould and dust from the working environment

Our drying service is backed up by a huge amount of associated skills and experience, including: –

  • Specialist non-invasive leak detection service. This includes thermal imaging, endoscopic cameras, gas tracing, and acoustic microphones.

  • Property Care Association (PCA) qualified surveyors who undertake comprehensive Damp Investigations which start at £150.00 plus VAT. These identify the causes of damp such as construction defects and water leaks, and include an email report.

  • Mould remediation to PAS64 standards

  • 20 years’ experience in house construction and maintenance (NHBC registered) which support our Water Damage Assessments. This includes detailed schedules of remedial works and cost estimate, often for insurance purposes.

  • Free insurance claim progression – we can talk direct to your insurer.

In short, we are uniquely placed to offer a ‘holistic’ approach to all damp and water damage problems.