Rising damp is often misunderstood and therefore misidentified and mistreated. True rising damp occurs rarely in the benign weather and soil conditions of London and the South East. In many cases, there are other contributory factors such as construction defects.

As symptomatic solutions, such as injection of chemical Damp Proof Courses (DPC), become increasingly discredited, our longstanding first principles approach to rising damp is now becoming accepted as the best way forward. Our investigation will include reference to the following:

  • Ground water levels

  • Surface water movement

  • Soil conditions

  • Floor and wall construction

  • Ground levels and bridging of DPC

  • Possible internal leaks

Once the cause of rising damp has been identified, our building team is fully experienced in implementing any necessary remedial works. These include:

  • Dry channels

  • French drains

  • Land drains

  • Floor surface membranes

  • Ground levels and bridging of DPC

  • Wall damp proof courses (DPC)

  • Anti-sulphate plastering