Penetrating damp normally occurs when rainwater comes in through the external fabric of your home, i.e. through the roof and/or walls. It is therefore weather related and typically worst affects South and West facing elevations. It can be caused by:

  • Construction defects

  • Maintenance problems

  • Construction materials becoming porous (normally age related)

Penetrating damp can also be caused by unknown leaks from heating, plumbing and drain pipes. We offer a comprehensive and non-invasive leak detection service which uses specialist techniques and equipment including thermal imaging, gas tracing, and acoustic microphone.

Once the cause of penetrating damp has been identified, our building team is fully experienced in implementing any necessary remedial works. These include:

  • Breathable render repairs including micro porous decoration

  • Dry channels

  • Replacement of spalled bricks and re-pointing

  • Roof and roofline repairs

  • Micro porous (breathable) and invisible water proofing of external walls