Mould Caused by DampMould can only grow in certain conditions which include still air and high enough air relative humidity. Mould is often a secondary effect from a primary problem. For example, if your home has an unknown plumbing leak which is causing your floors to be damp, this may be triggering high air humidity which is causing condensation in the corners of rooms, and this in turn is causing mould to grow. Investigation of the cause of mould therefore must be ‘holistic’ in its approach, i.e. looking at multiple possible causes and issues.

Mould can be a serious health risk. We are experienced in undertaking mould remediation to PAS 64 standards, including the use of HEPA air filters. If a DIY attempt is made to remove mould it should be done using warm soapy water and an ‘e’ cloth. Use of fungicides and bleaches is not recommended as dead mould is more toxic and allergenic than live mould.